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Holiday in Slovakia

Kremnica Main Square from the Castle
With numerous medieval gothic and baroque towns, nine national parks, plenty of caves, well preserved folk architecture and traditions, lively and cosmopolitan capital city and probably the highest number of castles and chateaux per capita on the world, there's something for every traveler to enjoy in Slovakia.

Slovakia (Slovak: Slovensko), formally and still officially the Slovak Republic, is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It is surrounded by Austria to the west, Czech Republic to the northwest, Hungary to the south, Poland to the north and Ukraine to the east.

Western Slovakia - Bratislava, Danube, lower river valleys.
Central Slovakia - Banská Bystrica, Medieval mining, national parks.
Eastern Slovakia - Košice, Prešov, mountains, castles.

Bratislava - capital and the largest city of Slovakia with a beautifully restored historical centre full of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance churches, houses and palaces, cobblestone streets, fountains, pleasant cafes and lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere.
Banská Bystrica - was one of the most important mining towns of Hungarian part of Austro-Hungarian Empire; beautiful restored square, many churches, castles and museums and memorial of the Slovak National Uprising.
Žilina - Fourth biggest city with a well preserved historical city centre influenced by German architecture and unique museum of the tinker´s culture located at the Budatín castle.
Košice - metropolis of the east, second biggest city of the country with the easternmost situated Gothic Cathedral in the World, the oldest European coat of arms, a great historical city centre with the Cathedral Complex, numerous churches, palaces and interesting museums.
Levoca - magnificent medieval pearl of the Spis region surrounded by town walls with a unique renaissance town hall, burger´s houses, numerous churches and St. James Cathedral where the biggest gothic wooden altar of the world is situated.
Levice - enjoyable castle which is now a museum of the Tekov region.
Nitra - one of the oldest slovak towns with the castle and well preserved historical centre consisting many baroque palaces and burger´s houses.
Poprad - gateway to the Tatras National Park.
Prešov - the best example of renaissance architecture in Slovakia, numerous churches and nearby lying Solivar which is one of the most interesting salt mine museum in Europe.
Rajecké Teplice - very peaceful spa town surrounded by magnificent Mala Fatra National Park.
Trenčín - one of the most beautiful Slovak towns with a castle lying above the city overlooking the historical centre and the river Váh.
Trnava - the oldest Slovak town with the highest number of churches and well preserved baroque architecture.
Tvrdošín - centre of the Orava region, gateway to Orava's magnificent natural areas.
Bardejov - centre of the Northern Saris region, well preserved town centre is a part of UNESCO heritage.

Other destinations
Slovenský Raj - Slovakian Paradise National Park.
Vysoké Tatry - High Tatras.
Vlkolínec - UNESCO heritage list village.
Spissky Hrad - one of the biggest castles in Europe, UNESCO listed
Nizke Tatry - Low Tatras National Park.

Slovakia has a temperate climate with sunny summers and cold, cloudy, humid and snowy winters.

Much of the central and northern part of Slovakia is rugged and mountainous. Gerlachovský štít at 2,655 m in the High Tatras is the highest point. The Tatra Mountains in the north, shared with Poland, are interspersed with many scenic lakes and valleys. The lowlands are in the south with the lowest point of the Bodrog River being 94 m above sea level.

Slovakia is also a country of massive medieval castles built on the rocks, beautiful detailed ones located on plains (there is about 180 castles and ruins) as well as country of caves. Only a small number of over 3000 caves is open for public forever. Mostly traditional karst caves, ice caves, aragonite cave etc.

There is a wide diversity of accomodation available in Slovakia. These range from AquaCity, based in Poprad, through to budget priced rooms in rental chalets and holiday homes.

Some older people are unable to converse in English, so it's good idea to know some Slovak. However, most young people speak at least some English, as it has been taught in most schools since 1990.

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